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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

What are the best ways to get Canadian Visitor Visa from Dubai?

Visiting new places is quite amazing and charming experience. There are multiple people living across the globe who actually love traveling to beautiful places on earth. No doubt, there are several places on earth where people love to visit along with their family, friends or individually. If you are also thinking or planning to visit any country for spending the holidays, you should have to select Canada this time. You will surely love the weather condition as well as there are many beautiful places in Canada which is really unique and they also define the nature by itself. As we all know very well that people love to visit Dubai because there are also very beautiful places in Dubai. The one thing you will also agree on, the real excitement is to have the real beauty of nature which is also free from artificial effects.

If you are currently living in Dubai and you are also planning for this vacation, you should have to get Canada visitor visa from Dubai. There are many visa consultancies firms are available in Dubai which offers the best and valued services for their clients to get the visitor visa of Canada without wasting much time. You can directly get in contact before the vacation gets starts. Here are some interesting things you should have to know about submitting the Canadian visitor visa from Dubai.

1.    Having the validity of the passport

It is very much important to check well about the validity or expiry of the passport of all members who want to visit with you Canada. According to the law, a person cannot travel to any country if he/she has the validity of a passport for less than 6 months. It is very much important to check and renew the passport so you may not have to face any type of disturbance during your whole trip.

2.    Applicant should have the residence visa of UAE

Another compulsory condition is the applicant of visitor visa for Canada must be the residence of UAE. If you are currently on visit visa in Dubai, you cannot apply for the visitor visa category. You are only illegible for applying the visa of any country from your respective country.

3.    Hotel Reservation Booking

While submitting the other required documents in the Canadian embassy, it is also important to provide the pre-hotel reservation booking along with the documents. It will clarify that you probably have selected the limited area or a specific area to visit in Canada. It is also very much important to get selected the best immigration agency in Dubai which help you out in the whole procedure respectively. You will surely get completed the whole process very soon if you have selected the best visa consultancy firm.

4.    Select the best places for visit

It is up to you to get selected those places where you actually want to enjoy the realmeaning of nature and its beauty. Furthermore, you can also search for Canada and its beautiful place on the internet as well.

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