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Friday, October 26, 2018

Top 5 Places to Visit in Bharatpur

Bharatpur, located in the Indian state of Rajasthan, is a city that was once considered unsurpassed or impregnable. Located in the Braj region, it is divided into 50 neighborhoods and has an average elevation of 600 feet, so it is also known by names like "Lohagarh" and "Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan". In addition to the flora and fauna, it is an obligation for all travellers to explore the beauty of Bharatpur when they are in Rajasthan.

Here are the places that you can visit in Bharatpur:

Keoladeo National Park

Keoladeo National Park is also known as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. The park hosts a large number of migratory birds during winters. An estimated number of 230 species of birds have made Keoladeo National Park their home. If you are looking for some luxury element, know more about the Palace on Wheels cost which is based on its cabin occupancy.
The park was declared a protected area in 1971 and has also been included in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The Keoladeo National Park is man-made and was previously used as a hunting ground for waterfowl. Today, the reserve protects the city of Bharatpur from floods, provides grasslands for livestock and is home to several wild animals and birds.

Deeg Palace

The city of Deeg is located at a distance of 32 km from Bharatpur. It is one of the most important tourist places of Rajasthan and is known for its palaces, temples and gardens. Deeg Palace is located in this city and is known for its architectural beauty. The palace was built by Raja Surajmal with the aim of protecting itself from the scorching heat of the summers.
There are several pools, fountains and plants in the Deeg Palace. There are two large water tanks called Gopal Sagar and Rup Sagar that help lower temperatures during the summers. The most interesting part of the Deeg Palace is the Keshav Bhawan.
It is a single-story baradari that has an octagonal base. Another interesting feature is the artificial atmosphere of rain and thunder created in the palace. The jets of water in the fountains create a monsoon effect and the heavy metal balls placed around the ceiling produce the thunderous sound.

Lohagarh Fort

Raja Surajmal created a series of palaces and fort in Bharatpur. One of these strengths is the Fortress of Lohagarh, which is also among the strongest fortresses in the country. The fort was built in a way that resists attacks by invaders.
In 1805, the British, under the leadership of Lord Lake, gave place to the fort. Despite the repeated attacks, they could not penetrate the fort. They lost more than 3000 soldiers and the British forces withdrew from the attack. The British later had to reach an agreement with the ruler of Bharatpur. The fort has two doors facing north and south. The one that looks towards the North is called the Gate of Ashtadhatu, while the one that looks towards the Direction of the South is called the Gate of Chowburja.

Government Museum of Bharatpur

Places to visit in Bharatpur, the Government Museum of Bharatpur is located in theLohargarh fort. It is a strong reflection of the culture of the area and contains many interesting artifacts related to the art, history and traditions of Bharatpur. The main attractions of the museum consist of stone sculptures, inscriptions, terracotta objects, metal objects, coins, weapons, miniature paintings and local art found there.

The art gallery  which contains miniature paintings of peepal tree leaves, mica and old lithographic papers, within the museum is also open to the public. Know more about the Palace on Wheels booking, spending a couple of hours here, admiring the artifacts and the great views, is a good way to spend time in Bharatpur.

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