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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Things you need to be aware about pregnancy kicks?

The kicks of pregnancy remind you that there is a life inside you. Happiness is growing inside you and they will emerge out any time and take their place along with you.  The kicks of the baby make you feel important and you develop an emotional connection with your partner. This does connotes the significance of a baby kick counter. You need to ensure that the fetus needs to have a healthy growth.

With the pregnancy kick counter you can count the kicks of the paper. This does ensure that the baby is alive and thriving. In addition to this there are some other important features of baby kicks.
The kicks do point to the normal growth rate of your baby

With the baby kicks you can find that a healthy development of the baby is taking place inside the womb. It is easy to find out when the baby is active when they roll, or thrive. At the same time a flutter is felt when the baby does stretch out its limbs. All these movements do become distinct once you reach the ending stages of pregnancy.

The baby finds itself in a position where they are going to respond to external stimuli

The baby is known to respond to changes in the external environment. Any food that you eat or the noises that you make has an impact on the baby. Once the baby reaches around 20 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus does appear to hear sounds of low pitch. This would convert into high pitch sounds as and when you near the end of pregnancy. Any food that the mother has during pregnancy introduces the amniotic fluid to various types of flavours. They do make the baby give their nod of approval if they like or dislike them.

The kicks of the baby do increase when you are lying on the side

It is obvious that you are likely to feel more kicks when you are lying on the side. The reason being that the supply of blood increases when you are lying on the right or the left side. The moment a mother sleeps on the back the baby does become less active. The moment a mother changes their position the activity state of the baby also changes.

You are going to feel he kicks after nine weeks

When a flutter emerges in the abdomen during the early stages of pregnancy it does point to occurrence of baby movements. All these movements do take place from the 7th week of pregnancy, and this is a stage pretty early for a mother to feel them. Babies are known to kick after 9 weeks of gestation once they begin to move their limbs. You can detect the kicks with the help of an ultrasound.

To conclude, if the kicks of the baby reduce it would point to an incidence of distress for the baby. In a couple of hours the baby kicks 10 times.

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