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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Opt for organic soothing benefits for the scalp-

Have we ever wondered the amount of skin care that we apply on our skin in daily routine is pushing the skin quality and giving it layers of toxins? Yes, everything that we apply on our skin goes in our body too. Many people take good care of their skin in routine by using creams, moisturizers, from face to toe. But, what about our hair or scalp?

It is very important to nourish our scalp and nurture the hair with very easily available organic hair care products. These organic product manufacturing companies know exactly what our scalp skin require and make the products which are free from preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Conventional hair care v/s Natural organic hair care-

·             Foaming action- The organic hair care products online have less foam, because of natural plant-based surfactants as compared to the other toxins based high foaming agents. It does not always mean that less lather is equal to inferior cleaning.

·        Damaging effect- Our hair cuticles are tender and need very mild cleaning agents. The organic compositions are very soft on the hair cuticles and cause very little or no damage at all.
·    Hair adhesion- The conventional hair care products are full of SLS and parabens, preservatives, etc where the charge adhesion to the hair is very high. In the case of organic cleaning agent, such adhesion cleaning is low and it can be washed out easily.

·     Great restoration- The organic products like the shampoo and conditioner reduces the breakage and split ends problems and improves suppleness.

How to take care of sensitive scalp- The first and foremost step in treating the hair or damaged scalp is to analyse the type of problem and skin. Once it is clear that one has a sensitive scalp the next step is to wash hair regularly with SLS-free shampoo. One can use gentle, natural hair care products which are rich in extracts of organic oats, jojoba oil, etc that is great for scalp restoration. Next, warm water should be used to wash hair, not too hot.  Buy organic hair care product as they have less lather and one can rinse the hair thoroughly to remove all the traces of shampoo easily.

Dandruff can be a big time problem for the sensitive scalp, whether dry or oily. It can be treated with the organic products with their gentle cleansing formulation. These products like the wheat enriched shampoo have an invigorating scent, wheat germ oil, extracts of butcher's broom, etc, that helps in reducing flaking, and indirectly promotes a healthy scalp and hair. Wheat extracts have the power and Vitamin E that prevents cellular damage and is full of antioxidants. Hair care is not that difficult. Once the cleaning is done brush hair gently, starting at the ends. One must avoid using bleach and other harsh hair dyes in order to care the sensitive scalp and give a perfect well-being from roots to hair.

Don’t forget that our skin and face speaks a lot but our hair makes our personality shine.

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