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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Key features of the best interstate moving companies

Moving itself is a cumbersome job even when you do not have to worry about finding the best interstate moving companies or avoiding the ones who are looking for naïve and unaware customers to prey on. While best of the companies make moving easier and sorted out, there are others who may pull off a great tactics to extort heavy charges as hidden costs in order to allow you to see your valuable belongings again. This makes it important to thoroughly research before handling your expensive stuff and lifetime of memories to someone, randomly. You must ask key questions, and inquire the options thoroughly to enjoy a swift move along with avoiding frustration, expenses,and headaches at the end. Here are the 7 key characteristics of the best interstate moving companies that help you assess who is the best match for the job:

· They are an established and reputed members of the community:

A company’s reputation in the community is the key feature that shapes its trustworthiness. You must check posted references and reviews of the past customers to assess the company’s deliverance. Check whether the former customers were satisfied from the company? Every company that have been into the business for some time must have some dissatisfied customers. You must check such type of customers as well and search how did the company helped such customers with their queries of grievances. A company must address such issues instantly, reverentially and satisfactorily.

·         Best interstate moving companies are licensed and secured:

A company, in order to offer interstate moving services to its customers, must have a US DOT number. This number is a unique license number which is issued by the United States Department of Transportation to trusted services providers only. Once you are sure that the company has a license number, check whether they have an insurance cover or not. The best interstate moving company must have a valid license and insurance number.

·         They are clear, transparent and communicative when it comes to rates and services:

Any company that is mysterious when it comes to offering details about the services provided and the charges must not be trusted. There should be no mystery in disclosing such details. Different companies have different operations and while some take an hourly rate others charge on per move basis. Check how the particular company charges and is there any extra cost or overtime provisions. Do you have to pay for the fuel additionally or is it included in the costs? These are some of the key questions to ask.

·         They come prepared and know their job.

Any company that has been dedicated to deliver customer satisfaction must know their job to the core. They also come prepared and equipped with a set of tools to ensure they offer you customized services. Also, they perform their jobs in detail and have defined procedures such as measuring doorways, stairways, hallways,and elevators beforehand to ensure smooth and damage free move.

·         They ask you questions:

If you have never dealt with a professional interstate packers and movers before, this might be something strange for you. An experienced mover will ask you a number of questions to plan a bespoke moving schedule for you. Asking questions help them in preparing in advance to make your move easy, safe and damage free. They would ask questions like what type pf fragile items of you have. Is there any elevator in the apartment or building you are living? If they offer you an estimate without asking relevant questions, it is better to beware than being elated with the discounted offer.

These are the key characteristics of the best interstate moving companies that you must look for to ensure you are hiring the best player of the industry.

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