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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Explore Opportunities for Veterans and Military Service Professionals

When you have finished your stint in the army, you are at a loss not knowing what to do next. Here you must approach those institutions that support the welfare of army veterans. You will get full support for anything you plan to do  whether it is studying, starting a business, or getting employment opportunities.

Join up and study -

Most of veterans want to study further and military service members and veterans can join in one of the thousand courses offered absolutely free. Choose an instructor taught course or a self paced course according to your need. Depending on your level of education, you will be granted a choice of Introductory, Intermediate, or Advanced course. Go and check out the popular degree courses for veterans and see if one suits you.

For other veterans and military service members, you have options to seek employment. You can learn Interviewing strategies so you can do well when you go to an interview. Or, if you need to search for a job, then they help you to find the best job as per your qualification. Those who need training in some field may take up training strategies so you can start in your new line after completion. One section of the institute helps veterans with their resume writing. If you have your resume written in a professional manner, the chances that you will get a job fast is better.

Take advice on what to do next -

For those that remain undecided on what to do next, there is counselling. They will find out what are the options open to you - whether you want to start something on your own or whether you wish to work under somebody. After examining your skill set and education, they will advise you on the best thing to do. You will also get help in carrying out your plan. If you wish to study more, then enroll in one of the popular academic programs for military and get you certificate.

There are more than 200 levels of education programs available. Of these, 47 are advanced courses and 66 are intermediate courses. The other 104 are introductory courses meant for those without any basic qualifications. There are 24 subjects taught with maximum number of courses being 63 in Computer Sciences and 69 in Business Management. Engineering (25), Communications (20), and Social Sciences (17) come as the best choices next. You can choose one that is suited to your skills.

Check out career choices -

Veterans who wish to get employed can check possibilities in this line. Explore your career options by choosing one of the following fields:

     Management Consulting

     Information Technology

     Project Management


     Defense and Space

     Hospital and Healthcare


     Government Administration

     Veterans Administration

     Supply chain and logistics

     Aviation and Aerospace

These are among the top paying jobs for veterans. In Information Technology, you will get openings such as IT Systems engineer or IT consultant.

There are options for veterans to earn an MBA online without having to stop what you are doing. They also teach you how to use the social media to promote yourself. Getting a civilian career is easy when you have help.

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