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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

9 Tips to Optimize Your Word Press Website For Generating Leads

Business owners take help from platforms such as WordPress website development services to get a virtual interface which can help them grow their organization. WordPress is undoubtedly an ideal platform for creating a highly productive interface and a lot of existing owners migrate from other formats using services like ones which convert Drupal to WordPress. One of the most important objectives behind creating a website for an enterprise is to attract as many potential clients as possible. In this blog, some useful tips are being presented which will help to optimize your WordPress website so that they can generate more leads. 

1. Choose a Clean and Simple Design

It is essential that the interface possess a unique but clean and simple design so that a large number of potential clients are attracted towards it. An uncluttered design will also ensure that the website is easily navigable encouraging visitors to spend more time on it and also recommend it to others. The lead-generating abilities of a website will be greatly enhanced by a distinctive design as users will easily distinguish it from other interfaces in its category.

2. Aim to Provide Useful Content

One of the most effective methods to attract potential clients to your platform is by providing useful content related to your area of operation. A blog can be attached to your company website with information about different aspects of the category that your product or service belongs to. People are generally looking for solutions and if they find relevant answers to their questions at your interface, more often than not they will show an interest in your offerings too.

3. Create Dedicated Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the most vital elements of a website which can affect its conversion rate. Creating dedicated landing pages related to your products or services with good content and appropriate call to action will be helpful in converting an anonymous visitor into a lead that can be encouraged to turn into a customer. Landing pages must be focused on providing satisfactory solutions which can prompt people into clicking on the call to action button.

4. Optimize the Contact Forms

Contact forms are one of the most widely-used tools for lead generation but they must be optimized properly to yield fruitful results. A long form can put off visitors and therefore only the most necessary fields must be included in it. Place it on all important pages at easily navigable locations and ensure that a compelling call to action is included. WordPress users can add a form easily to a website by using any of the numerous plugins available for the purpose.

5. Add Social Media Buttons

The power of social media can be harnessed to optimize your WordPress website for better lead generation and social sharing buttons must be added to all the web pages. This will help visitors in sharing a page with their followers on their preferred network. Social media websites attract large volumes of online traffic and exposing your content or products to these avenues will improve your chances of gaining potential clients.

6. Build an Email Subscription List

Including an email subscription form on the website which will help in collecting email addresses of visitors who can then be targeted by sending newsletters which contain information about your services. Try to offer something for free in return for a registration as it will encourage people to sign up with your website. Emails can be a very handy tool in lead retention and converting them into paying clients.

7. Improve the Loading Time of The Website

A website that takes too long to load will have a high abandonment rate which will lead to poor lead generation figures. Take necessary steps to improve the loading time of all pages of the website like choosing an efficient hosting service, resizing and optimizing all images on the website and enabling caching.

8. Increase Interaction to Boost Visitor Involvement

Try to boost the involvement of the visitors with your interface by interacting with them regularly through your blog and encouraging them to comment on posts. As the engagement grows, the number of repeat visitors will also rise, leading to a much better conversion rate. You can also ask existing clients to provide testimonials that can be displayed on the website to influence visitors into showing interest in your products.

9. Target Visitors through Pop-ups

Pop-ups can be a very effective tool in targeting visitors as they can be used for multiple purposes such as automatically conveying important information to users, displaying advertisements or providing an automated registration form. Activating them when a user lands on a page or when he/she performs desired clicking action can be valuable in generating leads.


Optimizing your Wordpress website is an effortless task as the open source platform is one of the most user-friendly CMS available and all the above-mentioned tips can be very easily implemented by using the inbuilt features of the service. 

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