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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

10 Things To Do In Hong Kong That Make Your Vacation Memorable

Hong Kong is a tourist’s delight. There are so many popular places to check out. Hong Kong has something or the other to offer to tourists of all age groups.  Hong Kong is an amazing place to take your family for a vacation.
Once in Hong Kong you simply cannot afford to miss the Hong Kong Disneyland package which is its star attraction. Also, if you have a day to spare then opt for the Macau tour packages to discover the place.

Go for a Tram Ride to Victoria Peak:

Victoria Peak is the highest point in the island. It is located at a height of 552 meters. Once at this peak, you can look down and get a glimpse of the entire city’s skyline. There is a 125-year-old peak tram ride that will take you to this point. The ride is for 8 minutes and a lifetime experience as you can see the entire Hong Kong on the way. At day time you can see the entire skyline and at night you can see the lights in the city dazzling away and adding to the overall charm of the city.

Go for the Star Ferry:

This is the best way to check out the entire city. This ferry starts from Victoria Harbor and takes you around the city. There is an old charm about the ferry as the rides are going on since 1888. At night you can see the light and sound show from the ferry. There are various routes that the ferry takes. A few short and a few long. They are affordable, and the shortest trip is for 7 minutes.

Night market at Temple Street:

If you want to witness the night life of Hong Kong, then you must visit the night market located at Temple Street. It is a great place to shop thanks to the wide array of goodies available. Right from food, clothes, jade, watch and handicrafts this place is a shopper’s delight.

Go for a walk at Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade:

This is a beautiful stretch in Hong Kong located next to the Kowloon’s water. From this stretch you can get a view of both the harbor as well as the tall sky scrapers of the city. The Promenade and the clock tower are located at this place.

Try out Dim Sum:

When you are at Hong Kong you have to try out their local Dim Sum. These are available primarily in meat versions and are steamed in bamboo baskets and are sold all over the town. There are more than 40 versions of Dim Sum that one can avail a few famous one’s are the pork Dim Sum, Congee and Hargau.

Ding Ding Tram:

Just like the hop on and hop off bus that is ideal for tourists who want to go for local sightseeing Hong Kong has a Ding Ding Tram. This is an old tram that is loved by all. The tram takes you around all the important places in the island and is also affordable.

Day’s trip to Macau:

If you have a day to spare, then you must visit Macau. It is located only an hour away from Hong Kong Island and can be commuted via a ferry. Macau has an old-world charm about it with Portuguese architecture. Also, Macau is known for its huge casinos.

Lantau Island:

Hong Kong is made of various island. The largest island amongst all is the Lantau Island. This place is known for its famous hiking and biking trails. You can visit the island to relax and try out outdoor sports. This island has the famous Disneyworld which is loved by people of all age groups.  You can see the Disney characters and their friends come to live at this place.

Ocean Park:

After having your fill at the Disneyland, you can enjoy in another theme park called the Ocean park. This is a great place to see the sea animals and creatures. They also have sky tram that gives you a view from high above.

History of Hong Kong:

If you are a history buff, then this place will not disappoint you. The history of this island starts from 700 years ago. It has played a pivotal role in various in history all along. After the World War II it was also under the British Empire.

Hong Kong is an awesome place to visit with family. You can opt for Hong Kong Disneyland packagefor your kids to enjoy. For yourself you can opt for the Macau tour packageswhere you can play at casinos.

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