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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tips to buy Original Art Online

There is no simple way to make a purchase decision in the context of artworks. I mean you have to study a lot, give time, read between the lines, understand the market, and then maybe then you get ready to select the right artwork.

I used the word ‘maybe’ because the art market is too volatile to understand. Even the best of art curators, experts, and historians take their predictions and forecast with a marginal error. All this is a bit less stressful when you are planning to get a painting from a brick and mortar gallery.

But, what about the online platforms. As we all know, a good percentage of art sales now goes through the funnel of online channels, so it is quite possible that you also might be looking to discover, explore or purchase a contemporary painting, an abstract artwork or a miniature from such platforms.

Online platforms offer multiple alternatives for the buyers. For instance, you can either search the artworks on social media channels such as Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram or you can go through the online shops on platforms such as Etsy, Artsy, etc or you can simply go on a prominent online art gallery website.

Wherever you approach, it is simply not easy to make a purchase for artworks online. There are various risks that are attached to the online purchase of paintings. These risks are getting a fake piece, unsafe payment methods, too much clutter making it impossible to look through your requirements, etc.

Therefore, I have come up with some of the amazing tips that would help you buying artworks online smoothly and securely. Let’s take a look:

Why do you want it?

It is important you should first know the exact purpose of purchasing an artwork. It’s easy to say “I want to buy original art online” but it’s not easy to answer the question “Why do you want to purchase a painting?”

There can be multiple reasons though.

You may want the art for your home décor or office wall space. A lot of people just want beautiful paintings in their homes because of one purpose and that is decoration. On the other hand, artworks are also utilised nowadays by the big corporates.

For home, you can purchase abstract, traditional, religious, landscapes, and contemporary styles of artworks. But for a workstation, you would want something that could offer motivation and creativity. So, the very first step is to clearly see through what you want and why.

Proper knowledge

Let’s say you have no prior experience in the art market and this is the first time you are going to purchase an artwork online. To do so, without any hassle, you should ensure to first equip yourself with as much knowledge as you can have about the art world. Try to explore the local galleries and attend a few art conventions.

Go through various online platforms, social media sites, and online art galleries. Doing so will provide you with enough experience and prowess that would further keep you away from making a lousy purchase decision.

Purchase what draws you

A lot of time people tend to go with other’s opinion while purchasing an artwork. This is so because of lack of experience or lack of conviction about one’s own taste.

What I have experienced is that the people who buy artworks only on the basis of what they like, make the best decision. Those are the people who are really content with their choices.  So, next time you are looking buy original art online, ensure to only choose what connects with your heart.

Money matters

When you are going to buy paintings online, apart from the marked price of the artwork, usually there are hidden charges such as taxes, framing, shipping, and installation.

Since you would have already decided on the limit of money you are ready to spend on an artwork, make sure to keep the hidden charges in check too.

A lot of times it happens that we do love a painting that is a bit off our budget boundaries. I would recommend you to waste not even a second if some artwork truly connects with you.

Affordability and bargaining

You can go through a number of online art galleries and look out for the paintings you truly want. These online galleries usually have an extensive assortment of paintings of all kind. So, selecting a painting for an affordable price won’t be an issue as such.

In addition to this, it is always advisable to ask for a casual and friendly bargain from the online art galleries. The best part is that some of the appealing and famous art galleries offer a first-purchase discount for the customers. Don’t miss those galleries.

Return policy

This is one of the most crucial yet most intriguing elements in the online purchase process. For the new or first-time buyers getting to know the return policy is no less than a boon.

A lot of online art galleries offer the facility of trial fo0r the art lovers. This means you can purchase the painting and try it on the wall space and if it doesn’t fit the space, you can apply for a monetary return or exchange.

Since online purchased artworks cannot be touched and seen by you at or before the delivery, return policies offer the flexibility and assurance you require.

So, to buy original art online, follow the above-mentioned steps. Thanks!

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