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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Testimonial Of Laptop

In this messy and busy life people have to maintain all the works simultaneously. Now people have to maintain all their paper works and data in one place so that nothing get lose. Keeping bundles of paper is quit risky and even carrying to every time you go to work place is also very tough. Earlier people had a desktop in their work place, all the work details were stored in it and when they wanted to finish up their left over work they couldn’t do so as they had limited time in their office for completing bunches of computer work. Now this problem had almost vanished with the coming of laptop. Laptop is a computer which is portable and easy to handle, it works similarly like a desktop but unlike a desktop it does not have any extra part to connect.

There are many brands of laptop like Dell, hp, asus, acre, Lenovo, apple. You can choose to buy any of the above.

Here are some features of top selling laptop  that one must know for the best solution

Of hp 250 G5, it
·         Weight around 1.96kg
·         Dimension of 384* 254* 243 mega pixel
·         With the warranty of 1 year
·         Screen resolution of 2560 * 1200
·         Storage type is HDD
·         Operating system is windows 10
·         Colour is black
·         Processor type is intel core i5
·         Price is 37,560
·         With 6 Li- ion cell, durability of 5 hours.
·         Touch pad with multi- touch gesture.

Of Dell inspiron 3565

v  Weight is 2.27 kg
v  Dimension of 236 *380 * 26
v  With the warranty of 1 year
v  With screen resolution of  1366 *768 mega pixel
v  Storage type is HDD
v  Operating system is lunix
v  In black colour
v  With 4 Li- ion cell type, this works for 5 long hours.
v  With processor AMD APU Dual core
v  Price is 28,000
v  Multi touch gesture touch pad

Of Lenovo ideaPad 3305

v  Weight 1.67 kg
v  Dimension of 323 * 238* 18
v  With the warranty period of 1 year
v  With 1920 * 1080 mega pixel of screen resolution.
v  Have HDD type of storage
v  Operating system is of windows 10
v  In silver colour
v  Inbuilt with 4 Li –ion cell and work up to 7 hours
v  With intel core i3 processor
v  Price is 42,960
v  Have a multi gesture touch pad

First Compare laptop prices then compare its screen resolution and also check the battery life. Then finalize which one is best suitable for you. Laptop is assets and durable products so once you invest in it make sure that you buy the updated one.

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