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Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Essential Torque Required for the Correct Bolt Tightening

With the advent of tube manufacturer, parts of an automobile manufacturer and other sugar mill industries, the need was also developed for the manufacturer of the tightening torque. It would help them to wrench the various tools required in daily industrial works.

The quality of these torques is one of the best. There is a certain guideline according to which the tools are tested. Once a tool is manufactured, each of them undergoes rigorous industrial testing and matches with the specifications of the European community. It prevents them of malfunctioning once it goes over to the user. The staff of these Indian manufacturing lines of torque required for bolt tightening are trained in such a way that they follow six sigma. Since the people are committed to maintaining the environment, work is currently underway to conform to the ISO 14000 environmental management standards. There are a fixed number of people who have been kept for live testing of the existing products and for suggesting methods for a better useful life of all the products. There are some specific numeric values for the tightening torque required to preload a bolt.

Some of our products belonging to the category of the Bolting tools are:

·         Hydraulic Torque wrenches
Hydraulic Torque wrenches have various series like:
1.      EVOQ Series
2.      PSD-EX Series
3.      PSD Series, also
4.      Power Pack
5.      CP1000 (Electric)
6.      Power Pack

·         Tornado (Electric), AP1000 (Pneumatic), EP1000 (Electric)

·         Hydraulic bolt tensioners
In hydraulic bolt tensioners we have:

1.      PST Series Topside Bolt Tensioners
For bolt size from (20 mm) 3/4” to (150 mm) 5.3/4

2.      TSS Series Subsea Bolt Tensioners
For bolt size from (M20 mm) 3/4” to (M85 mm) 3.1/2

3.      CST Series Compact Slimline Bolt Tensioners
For bolt size from (20 mm) 3/4” to (64 mm) 2.1/2”

4.      Windmill Bolt Tensioners
CAT Series Bolt Tensioner
From (M16-M18) 5/8"-3/4" to (M39 M42) 1.3/8"-1.5/8"

5.      Windmill Bolt Tensioners
DA Series Base Bolt Tensioner
From (M16-M18) 5/8"-3/4" to (M39 M42) 1.3/8"-1.5/8"

·         Pneumatic torque wrenches
They are:
1.      VEGA series Pneumatic Torque Wrenches
2.      Air Operated FRL Unit
3.      PTW Series Accessories

·         Backup wrenches
Among the Backup wrenches, we have:
1.      Standard Backup Wrenches
2.      Heavy Duty Backup Wrenches

·         Mechanical torque wrenches
This category includes:
1.      Mechanical Torque Wrenches
2.      Lightweight Torque Wrenches
3.      Torque Screwdriver

·         Mechanical torque multipliers
The mechanical torque multipliers:
1.      NANO Series Torque Multipliers
2.      Slim Torque Multipliers STM - 1
3.      Slim Torque Multipliers STM - 2
4.      Slim Torque Multipliers STM - 3

·         Hydraulic nut splitters

·         Hydraulic flange spreader
The hydraulic flange spreaders are:
1.      Flange Spreaders HS10K Hydraulic Model
2.      Flange Spreaders MS10K Manual Model
3.      Hydraulic Flange Spreaders
4.      Hydraulic Vertical Lifting Wedge HVW-10
5.      Hydraulic Spreading Wedge HSW-10

·         Pneumatic impact wrenches
We have the following wrenches:
1.      TIW - 27
2.      TIW - 48
3.      TIW - 76

·         Impact Sockets
The types of impact sockets or power sockets:

1.      3/8" Square Drive
2.      1/2" Square Drive
3.      3/4" Square Drive
4.      1" Square Drive
5.      1 1/2" Square Drive
6.      2 1/2" Square Drive
7.      3 1/2" Square Drive
8.      5 Spline Drive
9.      Sockets Accessories
10.  Castellated Sockets

·         Slugging wrenches

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