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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

IBPS PO Exam Analysis – A post study about the question paper

IBPS PO Exam Analysis is nothing but analyzing the difficult level of the exam, analyzing whether the questions have come from the prepared materials, analyzing your performance etc., when we discuss IBPS PO Exam analysis, it directly points out the analysis about 2017 as IBPS PO 2018 Exam is yet to come.

Many people shared their opinion about IBPS PO Exam analysis and they directly told that the exam was very tough and no questions were asked out from computer aptitude. Many new type of questions were asked from reasoning and English. Students found that reasoning section was extremely difficult to answer.

While discussing about English language, the section had 35 questions for 45 marks for 45 minutes. This section had new pattern of questions. Two possible answers were given against blank in cloze test question which was entirely a new pattern. The connector questions were also in a new pattern where two words were given along with five sentences. The students were asked to identify the combination of sentences that can be connected using the given two connecting words. There were also many twists made in the error detection questions.

Reasoning part was really difficult. No questions were asked from computer aptitude. This section had more than four analytical reasoning questions or puzzles except one all were quite difficult to attend. It made applicants to spend more time on the session.

When compared to other parts, general economy and banking awareness were moderate to the students. From the topic current and static 15 questions were asked, nine questions from economy, eight from current affairs. Many questions were from Dance forms, Capital, Dams, Headquarters etc.
In descriptive type essay topic and letter writing were given. Students had a choice of choosing on their own.The Reading comprehension section was bit hard that had indirect questions. Still, the section had 4-5 vocabulary based question which was really a relief to the attendants.

There had been more changes and variations in the patterns across every slot compared to previous years. Syllogism appeared in few slots whereas coding-decoding appeared mostly. The quadratic equation was missing in the first slot whereas it appeared subsequently in the second half slot.

In IBPS PO exam analysis last year, the pattern and level of the questions were changed from shift to shift. There was an enormous difference in the natures of the questions. That was the major surprise for the aspirants.

The biggest lesson the aspirants learnt from IBPS PO exam was the nature of the questions were unpredictable. There had been a remarkable change in the question levels when compared to previous three years. So, the candidates appear from IBPS PO 2018 have to prepare from all end without any selective study. IBPS PO exam analysis was done on the basis of input provided by the candidates who appeared for the exam. It was really helpful for others to know about the nature of exam. Post exam analysis is very important to know about the candidates’ performance in the examination. It is the candidates’ self examination we could say otherwise.

Overall, IBPS PO 2017 was a tricky one. Let us see how IBPS PO 2018 will be…

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