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Thursday, September 13, 2018

5 YouTube SEO Tactics to Gain Higher Ranking

If you have a passion for showcasing your talent through online media, then you must be aware of YouTube, which is a free platform offered by Google. It is being used by millions of talented artists who showcase their talent through videos and vlogs and users subscribe to their channel to view the latest content uploaded by the artists. Are you wondering how every successful You Tuber is reaching out so easily to their respective subscribers and fans but you are struggling with video views in spite of having premium quality video content?

The answer to all your doubts and queries is YouTube SEO tactics. With the help these amazing YouTube SEO strategies, you can quickly capture the relevant audience who is looking for similar type of content created by you and in no time you will be overwhelmed to see the traffic of your channel improving over a period of time.

In order to help you improve your channel’s subscribers from zero to one lakh and above, we have come up with working YouTube SEO methods, which will help you to implement them immediately and analyze the changes that happen to your channel immediately.

Draft a YouTube Title with the Keyword Placed in It

You need to draft a relevant title for your uploaded video, which has the keyword embedded in it. The keyword that you are about to embed should have a relevant search. If you need help, then YouTube Search Assist can help you frame relevant titles, which are SEO-compliant and have monthly searches around it. This way, you can conveniently reach out to online visitors who are searching for similar topics around which you have created a video topic.

Fill in the Description in the YouTube Description Section

It is extremely important to fill in the details of your video content. The first few lines that appear along with the video can help you considerably improve your video’s search ranking. Do not forget to add the keyword in the video, especially in the first two lines to improve the search rankings of the video. All leading SEO services in Hyderabad, Mumbai or anywhere across India strongly recommend adding this description section for good results.

File Naming Convention of Your Uploaded Video

By default, the uploaded video’s name would be as per the system file naming convention protocol. We often tend to overlook this detail and we upload it with the default name only. Instead, if you name your video as per the YouTube Seo tactics and target a dedicated keyword, then definitely the YouTube search engine will understand what your keyword is framed around. Make sure to name it from xyz.mp4 to main_keyword.mp4 for better visibility.

Do Not Forget to Use the CC/ Closed Caption Feature before Publishing Your Video Content on YouTube Platform

Although this feature is often overlooked, the CC (Closed Caption) feature of YouTube is a vital feature of the online media platform. This feature helps you conveniently display the text over the video, which helps the other users comprehend the video and decipher the meaning better. With the latest algorithm updates from YouTube, the audio present in the video can be automatically converted into a transcript and hence would save a lot of your time.

Add Relevant Tags to Your Videos

It is important to add relevant tags to your keyword, which convey what your video is all about. Also, do not forget to add a keyword to your tagged section so that your video’s visibility is enhanced over a period of time. Even SEO services in Hyderabad utilize this feature to rank their respective client’s videos.

Do not forget to maintain the consistency of your channel. If you happen to upload one video every week, maintain the consistency of the video uploads so that you can stay connected to your channel subscribers and keep growing with a similar consistency. If you follow the above mentioned YouTube SEO tactics, then you will definitely see a positive growth in your channel soon enough.


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