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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Top Tips & Ideas to Design Your Dream Kitchen

People today put in a lot of their time and money into designing their dream home. Saturn Interiors particularly pays attention to even the tiniest of details when it comes to designing a perfect home for their clients.

In this article we are discussing a prominent room of every house: The Kitchen. Designing a kitchen is as equally challenging as that of designing a master bedroom. Most people do not get it right, but with a little logical thinking and good planning, everyone can have a fine-designed kitchen.
We have come up with seven tips everyone can use to design their dream kitchen.

Seven Tips for Designing a Dream Kitchen

1: A Deeper Worktop

Technically speaking, the counter is usually 60 cm deep. If space permits, the blade could also be 5 to 10 cm deeper. This will make you realise to put off by the base units of the wall. Although it looks like a small difference, in reality, the outcome has a noticeable difference.

Having an extra depth around the stove area is also recommended because it provides more room for large utensils or pots. On the other hand, do not attempt to go overboard with deep soaking sheets.

2: A Sheet with Raised Edge

This trend is less likely to be used now-a-days. However, it is a very personal choice. We recommend you have a sheet with a raised edge. Although there is less chance of water to leak over the counter, it is better to be safe than sorry. Thus, it is possible for your kitchen design to adapt a sheet with such a water barrier.

3: Desk Corner

If you have a corner kitchen, it is impossible to convert the entire top in one piece. In other words, two sheets come together in the corner. So make sure that you select the style carefully and do not compromise on the materials used.

You can install blades with patterns or gradients which give a nice effect. But remember, there will be two such sheets together in the corner. Hence, there is a good chance it creates a noticeable difference.

Such a noticeable difference can be very disruptive and damper your entire kitchen design. This is why we suggest you to choose your style carefully.

4: Combination of Different Style Door and Drawer Fronts

When selecting a kitchen style and colour theme for your door and drawer fronts, do not choose similar styles and colour themes. For instance, you can incorporate different colour or material for your wall cabinets and base cabinets. This creates a more fun and unique kitchen interior.

If your kitchen has several separate blocks, you can choose a combination of two different styles. This idea is also applicable for kitchens with islands.

5: The Place for Trash

There will be a lot of trash while you work in your kitchen. Hence, keep an account of where you want to place the trash in your kitchen design. It is very disappointing when you plan a beautiful kitchen design and forget about placing your trash can.

One of the most common options is to place the trash can in the cabinet under the sink. However, practically it is not always possible. But don’t worry, new kitchen designs now have opportunities such as a door to open automatically when you push it.

6: High Plinth or More Closet Space

To match the higher top cabinets, the entire kitchen is placed higher. This results in having a higher plinth. Today people usually opt for kitchen cabinet of height 80 cm instead of standard average of 70 cm. This allows you to have more closet space rather than high plinth.

7: Additional Layer of Trays at a High Counter

When your blade is higher than the standard 90, you have an option to have an extra layer of drawers. This lets you swap space beneath the cabinets against handy drawer space. This idea could also be applicable to a portion of the kitchen or just the cooking island.

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