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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Plan the Best Surprise Birthday Party for Girlfriend

 It’s your gal’s birthday and you want to plan a surprise party for her. That’s tough task but not an impossible journey. You need to look in various aspects for arranging a great birthday bash. Here are some tentative plans for throwing a surprise party for her. She has to feel like princess on her birthday, and here are the secret plans for it.

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Good Planning Equals a Great Party

Good planning always requires when you are on the way to head a birthday bash. From decoration to food to cake every aspect is covered in. But most important thing you take help of the reliable friends and colleagues. They must lie and hide a surprise of secret party in their heart. Ensure that each guest is ready to keep promise of not disclosing the secret to their closet ones too. Distributing the chores is a good thing. Most importantly you must take care she loves surprises and she is party loving girl. Otherwise your efforts will result in pain to her.

Get a Feel for What She Wants

Consider her interest and figure out the party of her type. If she doesn’t like big bash or grand celebration, you can arrange small get-together with her closet friends or nearest family members in home only. But if she is in a full mood to celebrate you must plan it accordingly. You can add extreme fun in her party by calling her friends and making a grand celebration on her special day.

Pick the Perfect the Party Site

Party place is a very integral part of celebration. You must get to know each hurdles coming through party time. Select the nearest place for throwing a party, a nearby restaurant or nearby garden. It would be a great choice if you follow the late night party. Also you plan to mange it in the restaurant which is not so crowdie. Sometimes you lose your entertainment when there is a huge public noise. Nice nature’s place or peaceful location is good instead. You can easily come and go to place if you organize a party at nearest location. It would become easy for guests to find the party place.

Lock in the Ultimate Guest List

Find out the list of friends to whom she chats on regular basis. Also prepare a check list of some close relatives she wants to be in her special day. Send them invitation through mail instead of using texts. It can disclose the birthday secret. Contact to all of them and ensure that all are coming in. You must pay their attention to time, so tell them to come before the seconds the party secret reveals. Keep contacting them they are on the way to come in party. That will be huge surprise and she will never forget in lifetime ever.

It’s all About the Theme

You can not overlook the birthday decoration. Note down all the points of creating unique decoration in party. Flowers bouquet and balloons decorations are the most important parts for decorating backyard. Be sure that you have already bought it from store two days before except fresh flowers. Make garlands of balloons and use it as a backdrop. Get flowers bouquets and put it on the center table. Decorate the guest’s entrance with helium filled balloons or flower garlands. Add sparks in party place using sparkles. Everything should be executed and furnished in a nice manner.

Dictate the Party Team Roles

Divide the duty in co-coordinators. One has to order a cake; one has to take the duty of decoration. You need to dictate that everything is going smoothly as planned. Planning should start before five days. One has to take a responsibility of invited guests to make sure 100 percent going to come. Everyone has to make a story of excuses on social media sites, why they are not there to see her on her birthday. This is just an excuse to give her a shocking surprise.  

Hang on to Those Memories

As the party finishes tell the guests to write some nice things about party on scrapbook. A birthday scrapbook is easily available in supermarket. Allow the guests to share their experience of party time with signature. Afterwards you can attach special photos of hangout with memorable notes in this 20 pages scrapbook. Give it to her as a great memento of her surprise celebration.

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So your intention is fulfilled and you make her day filled with joy. It would be amongst the best birthday she celebrated ever in her life. Consider every matter of organizing party. All above planning tricks does matter when you think of organizing a birthday celebration. It is enough to say her “why she is so special”.

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