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Friday, August 31, 2018

Nepalese Cuisine - 8 Dishes You Must Try

The kingdom of the Himalayas is a country of abrupt valleys, mountains that scratch the sky and above all, water: waterfalls, lakes and rivers that flood the green terraces of rice fields. Rice is the basic, cheap and nutritious food. But potatoes, corn, wheat, beans, tomatoes or lentils are also grown. The proximity to India to the south and to Tibet to the north exerts its influence in the hodgepodge of abundant spices and fats such as yak butter.

A whole world of culinary specialties with which to be surprised and the best, at a ridiculous price! A plate of noodles, rice or momos does not usually cost more than 100 - 150 rupees. Choose always a Tibetan restaurant that mixes the flavors of the mountain. Read here about the Best Nepalese Cuisines that you must try.

1.  Breakfast with Masala Chai

The tinkling of the bells throwing prayers into the air will wake you in Kathmandu. What is breakfast in Nepal? In the district of Thamel given the influx of tourists you can find everything from beans to a continental breakfast. The Nepalese starts the day with a bowl of white rice and tea. Try Masala tea with milk. You will find an intense aroma and flavor, spices like turmeric and cloves which will be delicious.

2. Half Morning - Soup of Vegetables

Cold or hot, the soup is a basic recurrent. On the long bus routes from Kathmandu to Bandipur or from Pokhara to Birethanti, intermediate stops at more or less lost bars always smell like steaming stew.

3. The Momos -National Dish

For lunch, dinner or simply for starters - the Nepalese dish par excellence is the momos, empanadillas made of flour dough, fried or steamed, stuffed with meat or vegetables. In street stalls, food houses where there are only momos in sophisticated restaurants. In the Himalayan region you can try stuffed cheese or potato. The momos are an authentic vice and they are delicious!

4. Rich Noodles

Next to the momos and the rice, the noodles are another one of those basic meals to consume daily. With a bird, egg, vegetable or mixed, it is a safe bet for those who do not like spicy foods and want to be satisfied. They also make them from wheat and in many places they are served with soup (noodles thukpa).

5. Dal Bhaat

Dal Bhat is, after the momos, the second national dish of Nepal's gastronomy. Served in a metal dish wh different compartments, the white rice cooked in the center (Bhat) is accompanied by a soup of black lentils, vegetables and a garnish of meat, fish or vegetables of your choice. The sauces usually have a slightly sour or bitter touch, creating a concert of somewhat contradictory flavors on the palate. Even in the most humble letters there is a vegetarian option. One of the most typical places to eat this dish in Kathmandu is Casa Thamel, although it is a place frequented by tourists, at night its garden is enlivened with traditional Newar music.

6. Tibetan Hot Pot

Look always the Tibetan restaurant and you can go to the Utse Hotel. Here you will find an average price with homemade, abundant and delicious food. You can choose the "vegetarian hot pot", a container that keeps the heat with vegetables, egg and tofu.

7. Garlic Soup

You must try Garlic soup unlike alcoholic beverages or exciting drinks like coffee. It will help you to prevent from falling sick while you are on mountain, Nepal Tour.

8. Dessert - Homemade Yogurt

A refreshing plain lassi or drink liquid yogurt to mitigate is the best for suffocating heat of a summer afternoon in Pokhara. Although, the most delicious is the creamy yogurts that prepared in the medieval city of Bhaktapur in the Kathmandu valley.

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