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Thursday, August 16, 2018

How to improve your hair with the help of a few tricks

When it comes to taking care of the hair and skin, it's important to understand that the healthier they are, the better is the indication of the state of the body. It is very important to address the body as a complete whole so that our hair and skin can improve in the long term process. If you follow the following points, there will be a marked difference in your health and you hair.

1.Consuming the correct amount of protein: It is important that enough protein is consumed by a person for a good amount of hair growth. Protein is the building block for our hair. Protein comes from fish, meat, milk, eggs and pulses. These protein rich products are very beneficial for hair growth because many meats contain iron which is an important aspect of good nourished hair. Protein rich food items have necessary fats that help in enriching the hair and getting healthy hormones into action.

2. Vitamin C and Biotin are essential for hair growth: Our body needs Vitamin C to produce a substance called collagen which is extremely important for healthy skin and hair. The best anti dandruff shampoo for women has traces of vitamin C. When it comes to the body absorbing iron, vitamin C plays a very important part. It promotes hair growth and also acts as an immune booster. It's important to note that our body cannot produce vitamin C on its own, which makes it the one vitamin that has to be obtained from supplements and food items. Food items like broccoli, citrus fruits and spinach contain vitamin C. Biotin also promotes faster and stronger hair growth. Biotin is a B vitamin which is water soluble. This makes it helpful in the proper digestion of sugars and fats. Products like nuts, eggs, berries, some vegetables and fish provides us with biotin. Since all these products provide us with biotin in small amounts, a supplement can be really helpful.

3. Gelatin is very important:

Gelatin is very important and beneficial for not just the hair but the skin as well. It assists in the support and growth of healthy hair and nails. You can consume gelatin in a bone broth form or you can get the necessary nutrients with the help of a gelatin powder.
Since gelatin is mostly found in fibrous tissues, bones and organs, people don't consume it in adequate amounts. These acids are needed not just for  hair growth and proper skin, but it is also required for weight regulation and proper immune function.

Gelatin powder has amino acids and glycine found in gelatin, makes up around ⅓ of those amino acids. Glycine is important in improving sleep and it's quality.

It is important that you follow the above mentioned points if you have any hair related issues. Use shampoo ketomac on a day to day basis to get rid of dandruff problems. These will really help you get rid of a lot of issues, faster and with long lasting results.

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