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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Fine Details for the Proper Functional Details

Until now, tests of a functional nature, of reports or performance have not been able to minimize human error in a substantial way; what has resulted in the generation of test automation tools that consolidate and improve the effectiveness of them.

Detect changes and stabilize a software or an application is the primary objective of Q & A , optimize costs; arrive on time with the system and change the perspective of the project are benefits of the automation of tests and step to avoid troubles and omissions.

According to our Head of Technical Quality Area, "currently it is no longer enough to detect changes and stabilize software; it is essential to verify the quality of the system and that in Kibernum we are doing it with the automation of tests that is synonymous with quantity, since they can do more tests than possible with a limited tester equipment; better times and greater system coverage; therefore, added value for the client, of course, limiting expectations and selecting a tool compatible with the programming environment". You can visit for now.

He explains that there are a number of benefits in the automation of tests and lists them in six key points:

Organization: automation requires a more structured analysis and a view of processes and not only based on experience.

Realization of a greater number of tests: some of the problems found by the automation are likely not to have been found using only manual tests, due to time constraints. An equation of 1000 tests in five days with a team of 10 people is not viable.

Improvements in communication with the team: automation strengthens the evidence by providing a system to collect and disseminate information effectively, providing timely feedback to the programming team.

Early code stabilization: As errors are detected earlier, a stable code base is faster; what avoids building on a code with faults.

Enabling regression tests: every time a new build of the software system is generated, it can be completely tested and therefore avoid gaps.

Greater reliability in the results: the automation does not get tired or has trouble; therefore, if there are no information changes, the results are more consistent, reliable and repeatable; which in turn gives time to integrate more complex tests, test new functions within the application and its integration with the rest of the system.

Increase complexity: automation facilitates the execution of tests that are highly complex in manual mode, such as when access to the database is required to verify that the system information is correct. Automation systems allow entering large amounts of information, configuring the test version of the database and generating random information, among other things.

The unique solution some of us like to think that our role is the most important in the company. However, we have to observe our work as one more piece in the ecosystem of the company. This makes it easier for us to analyze how our work complements and assists other areas. We are more valuable as an integral part of the company than as an isolated element of it.

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