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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Amazing cake flavours to choose for your wedding

Traditionally fruit cakes were commonly used as wedding cakes for a long time. But since the times have changed, the tastes of people have also changed. We have become much more daring without choices and love experimenting with the new flavours of life. The same applies to wedding cakes. Why should you stick to the same and plain fruit cakes when there are so many other flavours to try? As the wedding cakes today have so many tiers, you can have some fun experimenting with a variety of rich flavours.

You can make your cake look classy and elegant by making the outside quite simple and white if you want, but hidden inside can be a treasure of rich flavours combined with each other. There are many cake shops but the best cake shop in Jaipur will provide a lot of options of flavours from which you can choose. So instead of going totally simple try something different for your wedding. We have listed some of our favourite cake flavours appropriate for weddings which you can try.

Chocolate treats

Chocolate is a favourite flavour for most people and you guest list bound to have a lot of chocoholics. Having a yummy chocolate cake for your wedding will not only satisfy your taste buds, but also the taste buds of your guests. The extra leftover cake can also be used as a yummy breakfast pudding the next day. A strawberry cake covered in chocolate, chocolate and peanut butter cake, mocha spiced chocolate cake, etc. are great options that you can try.

Citrus sensations

For all those tangy lovers, this is a must have. A citrus based cake is a delicious delight which will burst your taste buds with flavour. If you are going to have summer wedding then this cake will add a new level of freshness to the occasion. Pair it with buttercream and you will have masterpiece. Some other great combinations are lime with ginger cream, lemon with white chocolate, lime cheesecake mousse with key lime cake and dark chocolate paired with orange and berry.

Totally tropic

Another cake that is meant for summer weddings is a tropical one. Bring in the tropical flavours to your cake. If you are planning a beach wedding, then this is the best option and you should go for it. Get a coconut sponge cake along with spiced rum butter cream or a vanilla sponge cake having mango mousse filling. Flavours like passion fruit and rum paired withvanilla bean butter cream and coconut and banana cake with white chocolate ganache are also quite popular.

Boozy flavours

Bring a little twist to your wedding cake by adding the flavour of your favourite alcohol. A number of cake flavours involving different alcohols are now made which brings a unique taste to the cake. Champagne and rum flavoured cakes are quite famous.

Whichever cake flavour you choose, make sure that you and majority of your guest will like it. You can also get midnight cakedelivery in Jaipur if something goes wrong with your timeline.

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