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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Sadigh Gallery- Spot Fake Ancient Art and Artifacts With Help From Experts

There are several ancient art and artifact collectors in the market looking for genuine pieces of the past. However, today, if you are not careful you will land up buying a fake artifact or piece of art at a hundred times more than the actual price. There are forgers in the market who successfully have been able to deceive gullible buyers. Even museums are not spared. These forgers are aware of the fact that museums and few collectors can afford the very high costs associated with testing these ancient artifacts and pieces of art.

Sadigh Gallery- What do experts in the field of ancient artifacts say?

Sadigh Gallery is a renowned name in USA when it comes to genuine ancient art and artifacts. The specialists here state that many collectors are duped by forgers primarily because the fake artifacts look identical to the real ones. These forgers embrace sophisticated methods and techniques to make their artifacts so identical to deceive the eye. The current tests in the market to spot a fake artifact is very expensive. Most museums and collectors cannot afford them. This is why forgers take advantage and demand a price that can go even a thousand times above the original price.

What are the common tests used to detect fake artifacts?

In order to determine whether an artifact is fake or an authentic piece, scientists generally resort to four methods- analysis of the pigment, radio carbon dating, atomic absorption spectrometry and radiocarbon dating. In some of these tests a part of the artifact has to be removed for testing. This is why most collectors of antiques and museums refrain from tests so that the original item is not damaged or destroyed in any way. This is why forgers take advantage and they use their cunningness to create items that look like the original pieces. They are so successful, they get away with this deception.

Do not fall prey to scams

If you are a collector, ensure you do not fall prey to these scams and forgers. It is prudent for you to always consult experts in the field or a good museum to conduct the tests for you. They have the experience and use sophisticated techniques to disclose whether the artifact is authentic, fake or a duplicate.

The experts of Sadigh Gallery say that when you are buying authentic pieces, the seller should tell you as to whether the piece is a relic, duplicate or fake. This level of honesty should exist so that the price can be determined accordingly. Not all sellers in the market are forgers. There are genuine sellers that disclose to you the origins of the artifact and piece of ancient art. You must note that for fear of damage objects that are of very high value are never tested. Therefore, when you are making a purchase, exercise discretion and speak to professionals in the above field so that you get good value for money for the ancient artifacts and pieces of art you are keen to buy.

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