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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

How to Choose the Perfect Wand as Per Steve Sorensen?

It would be pleasant if selecting a wand were as simple as visiting a Hogwarts-style wand shop. A wand is a very personal item which has to interconnect well with the customer. Nevertheless, it will not go about selecting you. You will have to do a great deal of searching and thinking to decide what is correct for you. While it is completely fine to any old thing provisionally, if having a wand is significant to you, then there are decisions you have to make about it.

According to Steve Sorensen, there is no set means for wand selection. Start hunting for one that feels right. You are more liable to come across one that feels right if you know what decorations and materials you are involved in before you go searching. Some individuals may profit from a custom-made wand which they are able to plan out in detail. Others may not be so highly developed as to know what they require, or else may prefer chance meet and following intuition. Either way, considering the subsequent things will aid you in your search. Always keep an open mind, because what you require may be completely diverse from what you have considered.

Materials to be Used As Per Steve Sorensen:

Usually, wands are thought of as only being made of wood. There is the sporadic image of a metal or plastic wand with a little star on the end, but when we think of severe witchcraft, a knarly old stick habitually comes to mind. Definitely wood has its profits. Nevertheless, there are plenty of other constructive things.


There are a number of individual glass makers who can craft wands for you. Check out Etsy or eBay for these. They come in all sorts of colors and designs.


Have you ever thought of having a silver, gold or copper wand? How about a steel wand, to make sure that your magick is strong? Like glass, metal can be wrought into most anything that you want.


This material is all right for making wands. Branches are compatible to the purpose because they are already round, wand just require some cleaning up and preserving so as to be used. If anything happens to the wand you can go out and search for another, making it both easily expendable and a pleasurable way to connect with spirit and nature.

Unless you make out how to slice it yourself and have access to the stone you want, a stone wand will likely be a pricey tool. With the many multiplicities of stone, nevertheless, and the vast tradition associated with each type, there is ought to be something which will work for you.

The world is full of symbols, all from diverse cultures and subcultures. There is not any requirement to restrict you to one cultural set of symbols, either, or something which is traditionally accurate. As Steve Sorensen says, use whatever symbols mean something to you. It is prudent to know all that you can about something you propose to use for magical work.

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