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Friday, July 6, 2018

Haris Ahmed – Ways to Retain Top Talent in Your Company!

As a business owner, you have placed your time and effort for hiring your employees. Recruiting top talent for your company does not end here. You must ensure this top talent stays in your organization so that you can reap optimal benefits from them. In fact, employee retention is so important for the growth and progress of an organization that several books have been written on this subject. Companies also conduct exit interviews for men and women to find out what is the top secret to retain good employees so that they do not leave your company and join somewhere else! 

Haris Ahmed- How can you retain top talent in the organization? 

Haris Ahmed is the CEO of Pragmatium Consulting Inc in USA known for his winning consulting strategies for Removille start-ups and established companies in Chicago. He says when it comes to retaining good paid employees, it is crucial for you to create a work environment that is very honest and open. You should give feedback on the jobs done and should be willing enough to listen. Here, the term listen means really listen. Your employees will have queries and concerns. As a responsible employer, it is your duty to listen to them so that they feel valued. If the block of employees feels valued in a project they will be more productive. 

Better productivity- improved performance 

You can sit with your employees one-to-one to give and get feedback on the work. A good employer is proactive and he or she is open to new ideas. This could trigger off a process of innovation in your company. Innovation management today needs the valuable input of your employees. When your employees are charged up and happy, they are engaged and this yields very good results for your organization. 

Accept suggestions and be a problem solver 

When it comes to employee communication, be open and accept suggestions when it comes to the improvements to business processes and practices. Since your employees of the block or projects are directly involved with them, they often give you valuable suggestions on how to make them better. A good employer is always available when needed. This will make your employees trust you. 

Mentorship and guidance 

You will often be approached by your employees for mentorship and guidance. Be as helpful as you can. You are their leader and role model at the end of the day. It is crucial for you to keep top talent in your company informed as to what is taking place in your organization. Never allow rumors and gossip to dominate the atmosphere. If there are issues and problems, handle them professionally. Be open to discussion. Hear the complaints and grievances carefully. 

Similarly, Haris Ahmed says that if you have issues with employees, conduct meetings and communicate it to them in a professional way. There may be certain issues that they have and you are not aware of it. Communication is the key for you to build successful relationships with your employees. They will confide and trust you better. This goes the extra mile in retaining them and making them loyal in the long run!

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