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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Cocktail bar Western Sydney: What makes a Great Bar?

The bar is a great place to meet people and hang out with friends. It’s the place where most people socialize and have fun after a very stressful and long day. That is why the feel and the vibe of the bar are very important. It should make the guests feel at home enough to lower their grounds and just have the best time. If you are looking for a great bar to loosen up around Cocktail bar Western Sydney, then here are some tips on how you can spot one.

Top-notch service

Bars do not just come with bartenders. There are tons of other players who should be giving you a good time. Here are some of them:

The door staff- The door staff should be friendly and not threatening unlike the ones you always see on television or on movies.

Friendly host – The host should be accommodating and conversational. Again, you are at the bar to loosen up and socialize. A bad host will simply ignore and not accommodate you and your friends.

Bartenders at their best – Aside from doing magic tricks with the bottles, the bartender should also notice when your glass is getting a bit empty and should refill it right away.

A wide variety of drinks

Drinks are the star to every bar and the bar should cater to every drinking need of their guests. From wine to cocktail to bro’s beer and other exciting concoctions, the bar should have them for the guest who’s just ready to have fun and get wasted. Having a small amount of wine list and drink options disrupts the purpose of the bar itself. Avoid bars who are afraid to create their own mix of concoctions because that’s just simply bad service happening right there.

Here are some of the drinks that the bar should be serving:

Beer – A great bar should have a wide variety of beer that can accommodate every beer addict.
Wines – Wines are romantic and sexy and a must for any date. 
Spirits – A collection of quirky spirits is enough to keep the party going.
Cocktails – Cocktails are a favourite because of the variety of flavours that it offers. 
Temperance drinks –A good bar knows a good coffee.


The décor of the bar will set the mood of the night. Remember that the bar serves much purpose for any occasion. It’s the type of place that people go into to socialize. It’s also the type of place where people meet their potential partners. The mood of the bar is the key to its success. Here’s how you can spot a good décor in a bar:

Minimalist design – There’s no tacky designs. Just simple aesthetics where they let the staff and the drinks shine.

Atmospheric lighting – The lighting is always the key in setting up a mood. Bad lighting won’t create any intimacy.

Good flooring – A bar that has space for dancing is always a great idea.

The barstools – The barstools should be comfortable enough for the guests to stay longer than they should have.

Good ventilation – Of course having good ventilation is always a plus. It means that you and your friends can have fun without worrying if the heat or the cold can kill you.

The food

Sure, people go to bars for drinks but good food is always a plus. You wouldn’t want to go to a bar that serves low quality food that no one can enjoy. From whole foods to finger food, the bar’s menu should be at par with the quality of drinks that they offer. 

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