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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Arts And Crafts of Islamic World

Have you been lately searching for best Islamic art and craft online? Well, if you are interested in Islamic arts and crafts, besure to be dazzled by the treasure of results – from calligraphic wall art to carpets to glass works to brassware to ceramic pottery, and a lot more!

Even as the term ‘Islamic arts and crafts’ has a spiritual ring to it, it also includes secular handicrafts like carpets, woodworks, glassware and brassware which may or may not have religious value.

Given below are different varieties of Islamic arts and crafts:

1} Calligraphy: Arabic calligraphy is the most visible feature of Islamic art. Arabic was the lingua franca in pre-Islamic Arabiaas well, but Arabic calligraphy got a lease of life after the advent of Islam. Because there was a need to compile the Quran in the form of a book, and because Islam banned human and animal imagery, Arabic calligraphy began being developed into a very sophisticated form of art. Artists began writing the ayatsof the Holy Quran in artistic styles – serving a religious purposeand contributing to the visual arts scene in the Muslim world. The walls and domes of Islamic monuments are adorned with Arabic calligraphy.

2} Miniature paintings: A miniature painting is a tiny painting on paper so that it can be used in court. These paintings are compiled in an album called the ‘muraqqa’. Originating in Persia in the 13th century, miniature paintings came to be used in Turkey during the reign of the Ottomonsultans and in India when it was under Mughal dynasty. Since these miniatures were not meant for public viewing and had a largely non-religious use, restrictions on human and animal imagery were waived.

3] Rugs and carpets: Carpet-making scores second to calligraphy in terms of prominence in Islamic arts and crafts. When adorned with calligraphy, carpets become wall art. When filled only with secular designs like as floral patterns and intricate borders, they are used as floor carpets. They are also used for making prayer mats.Carpet-weaving is an occupation that engages many people in Turkey, Iran and India.

4} Ceramic pottery: Colourful ceramic plates and pots are humble handicrafts. The earliest pottery dates to 8th century Basra but the Chinese influence played a big part following the 13thMongol raids. Most pottery produced in Muslim countries has a lot of blue and green. Some ceramic plates come with calligraphy, others only with patterns and motifs.

5) Brassware: Brass plates and pots, particularly those crafted in northern India, make for beautiful handicrafts that one can place on their tables or adorn their walls with. They generally come with vivid floral motifs.

Truth be told, volumes upon volumes can be written on Islamic arts and crafts, covering glass, silk and metal works produced across the world – form Spain and Morocco to China and India. So, if you are searching best Islamic art and craft online, it would be no surprise if you are left wondering what to buy.

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