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Monday, July 16, 2018

4 amazing Facts about Home Networks Routers that will amaze you

In the modern era of modern technology, the home networking has continued growing and also become critical functions for a number of families. Many homeowners rely on home network routers in order to connect with a range extender to stream videos, download stuff from the Internet, playing online games, watching online movies, etc. On the other hand, most of the broadband routers have become an essential connection point for smartphones that helps users connecting with Netgear Genie setup.

Netgear Genie is the most relevant desktop app that runs on all the smart devices like MAC or PC. It is used to manage home routers, providing a simple dashboard to monitors, control, repair, and control the security of existing home network and also set the limit of guest access and parental control for their valuable users.

Now, we come to the facts of Home Routers System and Network

1.       Role of the Router’s

Always remember that the router’s and not just for techies, everybody in this modern world has the right to enjoy the feature of the device. It is also very helpful in giving a successful end to all the task of setup performed by the users. Remember; when you are on with the procedure of Netgear Genie Setup, the devices, and the software you use suppose to be updated by the latest technology firmware.

2.       Meet the needs of your Home Router

For the first time, when you a home router, what would the first thing that appears in your mind? Probably it comes with good looks, and when it doesn’t you hides your device at the back of any device or cupboard. True? On the other hand, you also want that your router should throw live signals that spread its range all over the house. For this you have to:
·         Set your router free.
·         Do not overload your device from heat and malicious files.
·         Let its wires mess with others.
·         Take care that its antennas never rest in horizontal position.
·         If possible, provide additional antennas to your router that will help in spreading up the range of existing network all over the house.

3.       Can home network use multiple routers at the same time?

Well, home networks are not just limited and capable of using a single router. In the field of wireless networking, a network can have the benefits from adding two or three routers to a single network at the same time, in order to spread its range all over the house even backyards, balcony, and even garage. Also, take care of the fact that they carry the same frequency and the latest firmware related to the latest technology. While connecting one or more router to the home network, you are supposed to disable those devices that create a lot of interference in the field of signal connectivity like baby monitors, metal appliances, electronic gadgets, Bluetooth speaker, cordless phones, treadmill, etc.

4.       Wireless Routers do not permit WiFi to be Turned Off

It may interest you to know that the wireless routers have the ability of supporting both wired Ethernet connections and WiFi as well. Suppose, if a network uses a wired connection, then the wireless supposed to be disabled. Many device owners tend to safe electricity and their devices from hacking from an unknown source or a person. On the other hand, a few wireless routers do not allow their personal WiFi they are connected with to be turned off.

Well, those users who want the advanced option to turn WiFi on, they should research models carefully on the official site of Netgear on order to ensure themselves, what would be the best buy for them. Similarly, you can also have a word with one of the finest technicians in the world on a toll-free number 1-888-884-6940 and what so ever query or question left in your mind. Do not leave yourself in any kind of burden, just leave everything on us.

5.       Your Existing Routers needs to get connected with a Range Extender

In today’s modern world, nobody wants to get slow down, everybody wants a high-speed of protected network spread all over the house. For this, what you have to do, just switch to a range extender and enjoy the unbeatable speed of the Internet that will follow each and every step of yours everywhere you roam around in the house.

·         Just plug in both of your devices into an electrical wall socket.
·         After that, connect your computer or a laptop to the range extender and type mywifiext.net into the field of the address bar.

·         Now, a page will display asking for a successful Netgear Genie Login, for that, you have to go through the small step of filling all the login details (default) to the required fields.
Note: Change the default details to your own requirement under the Netgear IT supervision. In case, you have changed before the setup and you didn’t remember the login credentials, you have no option left to reboot your entire system.


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