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Monday, June 11, 2018

What You Need to be Aware About ACL Reconstruction Surgery

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ACL stands for acute cruciate ligament that happens to one of the most important ligaments that goes on to connect various joints of the knees. It would be often prone to injury. As far as ACL reconstruction surgery in India is concerned you can restore the functions of the joint knee. One thing you need to understand would be the activity levels of a person. Then you would need to fix the ACL. When a successful surgery is conducted you go on to replace the torn ligaments and there are numerous ways by which you can go on to do it. The knee is a combination of three different joints which stabilize at the point of the knees. It includes the tibia, patella along with the femur.

Let us now observe some interesting facts about ACL
  • You can say that this goes on to provide 90 % of stability to the joint of the knees. 
  • Close to 11.2 million visits are made to the office of the knee surgeon because of this precise reason.
  • You can say that it is treated at the site by capable orthopaedic surgeons. 
  • Of all the ligaments in the knee, the ACL is most prone to damage. This does occur due to sports related injuries.
  •  It is now a common procedure with a lot of hospitals have dedicated departments for the same.
  •  It is a highly successful form of surgery.  In fact if you compare the success ratio it is on the higher side of the 90s’. A lot of patients who have had this surgery have gone to report successful outcomes as well. In fact you can return to full sports activity within just a matter of a few months.

Physical examination
The doctor would be conducting an exam on how the physical injury did occur in the first place. Any question regarding the previous history of knee injuries are important. The reason being your knee would have strained at an earlier point of time as well. Any information about giving away of the knee does happen to be an important piece of information as well.

In fact the integrity of the ACL you can figure out by a host of ligament stability tests. The most popular test at this point of time is Lachmans test.

In terms of treatment the first and main objective would be to reduce pain along with swelling of the knees. The desired strength along with motion has to be achieved as well. Even if you plan to achieve it the strength can go on to reduce the complications which you face after surgery.

You are asked to take rest immediately after the surgery. This would reduce the swelling to a considerable extent. Then you can apply ice compress. The hot and cold ice pack would go on to reduce inflammation to a large extend. For sure this would help to reduce pain. It does go on to control the swelling to a large extend as well.


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