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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Top Dishes for Your Get Together Party

Are you planning to throw a fun get together party at your house for all your family and friends? If you want to organize and plan out the entire menu, here are some of the best items in the food and dessert category that are a winner at every family get together party –

Paneer Manchurian

The vegetarians as well as the non-vegetarians both love this appetizer! The excellent taste of paneer and stir-fried vegetables in Manchurian sauce is an excellent appetizer for the party which is non-messy and affordable too! This spiciness of this dish is what most people enjoy!

Chicken lollipops

Chicken lollipops are one of the all time favorite non-vegetarian dishes that you can have at your party. The spicy marinade along with the crispy fried skin of the chicken lollipops creates and amazing flavor burst in the mouth. Ensure that the chicken lollipops that are being served at the party are fresh and steaming hot because as they cool down, the crispy skin becomes difficult to chew.

Fresh pasta and Italian food

Italian food has some of the best flavors without being too over the top. Fresh pasta made right in front of you is the best option for adding a fresh twist in the flavor corner of your food buffet. You can choose to have two counters one for the vegetarians and the non-vegetarians so that none of the items get mixed. This could create a lot of tension at the party so its best to have two separate counters for your guests.


Apart from the regular alcohol menu and bar for the guests, don’t leave your non-alcoholic guests with basic beverages! Spice it up with some excellent mocktails for them to sip on while they enjoy their meal and the party! This will definitely be a big hit with your guests especially because most parties don’t have a wide variety of non-alcoholic drinks apart from the basic aerated soft drinks and water!

Chocolate mousse

This is one of the most commonly served desserts at parties because they are a crowd-favorite! Chocolate mousse is best served chilled so be sure to have the desserts served right out of the refrigerator. As the temperature cools down, the mousse can become liquid and not the best tasting either. You can do a bulk order of chocolate mousse from any bakery that does sweets home delivery in Jaipur and across India. 

Gajar Halwa

Another crowd favorite in the desserts category is the Indian sweet dish Gajar ka halwa. This is one of the best sweet dishes that you can have in your dessert buffet instead of the regular gulab jamun and ice cream! Gajar halwa is generally expensive which is why caterers charge a little extra for it, but it is completely worth it. The kids love it and so do the grown ups and the oldies too! You can order this from your local catering service or from  the best gift shop in Jaipur.

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