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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Perks of Enterprise Collaboration Systems

Enterprise Collaboration Systems are used in various companies nowadays to facilitate efficient transfer of information between various teams present within the company in a secure manner. The tools present in ECS include groupware, the internet, and various forms of software and hardware that create internal and external networks which can be used by the employees or external companies to collaborate. New Sales and marketing companies in United States make use of ECS tools to collaborate on sales and marketing campaigns. 

What are enterprise systems?

Enterprise Systems are used to integrate important data from the most important business processes into one single system.

The use of ECS tools ensures speedy communication between the various departments of the ECS. 

The accuracy attained in fulfilling orders is maximum and customer requests have greater flexibility. 

The use of ECS tools helps managers to read and comprehend the trends in an integrated view of operations. 

What is collaboration?

There are many factors that are contributing to the growing collaboration between firms. The job description is changing rapidly and requires more coordination and cooperation between various departments. There is a greater need for expert consultation because professionals are playing a vital role in large firms nowadays. 

The collaboration that occurs between departments can be short-term or long-term. For example, in sales and marketing companies in United States the collaboration between the IT department and Sales department can last for only a few months which is a short-term collaboration. Collaboration with an external marketing company can be a long-term collaboration as a contract signed between two companies could be for years.

Organizations have become decentralized, which means that many decisions are now made lower down in the hierarchy. This makes the organization flexible.

These companies have many branches worldwide, which increases the emphasis on sharing ideas and collaboration. The heads of all the multiple branches meet in conclaves and share ideas to make the company better. 

A good employee has the ability to collaborate effectively with everyone. Collaboration causes changes in the scope, culture, nature, and organization of the firm. A new wave of innovation occurs when emphasis is placed on new ideas through competitions between teams and brainstorming sessions.

Benefits of ECS-

EC systems are information systems that are cross-functional. They enhance the work group’s-

Communication- The departments share information with one another seamlessly which teaches them trust and bonds them together. 

Coordination- Individual work efforts are organized and compiled to create a single product that meets all the required specifications mentioned by the client.

Collaboration- These teams can regroup to work on joint projects and assignments. 

Investing in ECS tools and technology can provide a high Return On Investment as ECS bring various organizational improvements with them. 

There is an increase in productivity as data is not redundant and added multiple times.

Quality of work produced is better because it is produced after careful deliberation with experts. 

Innovation is the major outcome of ECS because a talent pool can create better results than a single department. 

Customer service is enhanced as it is easier to answer multiple customer queries.

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