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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Fruity Cakes for the Chocolate Haters

Chocolate cakes are a classic dessert which is loved by most but not all. Some do not enjoy the rich flavour and texture of chocolate and crave for something more refreshing and interesting to the palette and fruity flavoured cakes are the perfect choice for that. However it could be quite a struggle to find a variety of fruity cakes under the same roof as most bakeries bake the classic flavours that are loved by the masses. But now your prayers have been answered as you can get a plethora of fruit flavoured cakes at really great prices from online cake and flower delivery in jaipur. So, here are our favourites from their extensive range that you must give a try.

1.       Pineapple Cake

There is hardly any other fruit that can beat the refreshing taste and flavour of juicy pineapples. The delicious pineapple cake from the online store is an absolute deliciousness. The moist cake is flavoured with the mouth-watering flavour of pineapples and is simply dressed in a smooth, creamy coating of whipped cream. The richness of the cream is cut through by the addition of fresh pineapple chunks on top of the cake gives the sweet cake some much needed refreshing tartness. This cake is an absolute hit at summer parties. So, make sure to order one for your next weekend party.

2.       Orange Cake

Oranges are known for their beautiful robust flavour and tangy taste. We Indians mostly get to enjoy this citrus fruit to the fullest during the winter months and crave for it for the rest of years. But not anymore, the orange cake from the store is an epitome of zingy orange flavour which is quite a refresher. The decadent cake is beautifully coated with whipped cream flavoured with oranges which is piped is really modern style which gives this cake a very interesting look.

3.       Nutty Blueberry Cake

The nutty blueberry cake is flavoured with the yummy flavours of the exotic berry which makes this cake even more interesting and refreshing to the Indian palettes. The tangy flavour of the berry gives a very appealing twist to the dessert and compliments the richness of the sweet whipped cream frosting. What makes this cake even more interesting is the addition of toasty nuts which adds a crunchy texture and rich nutty flavour to the cake. Enjoy this with your family after a hearty meal or send it as a delightful surprise to your loved one. 

4.       Strawberry Cake

The addition of strawberries impart a lip smacking fruity, florally flavour to the beautifully moist cake. The sweet and sour strawberry cake is perfect for the ones who do not enjoy the heavy sweetness of most desserts. The tang from the berry cuts through the sweetness of the cake and creamy frosting making it a delicious balance of the two flavours. The fresh blushing pink tones of the cake make it a striking dessert for not just your taste buds but also for your eyes to rest on. Send this cake to any fruit lover along with online fruits in Jaipur, and you are guaranteed to make them smile with joy.

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