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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Enjoy the Adventure Trip with the Chadar and Yoga Package

Today, most of the people tour to some beautiful places for the relaxation purpose. You can spend few days at the popular places present around the world. For this concern, you can get the best package that provided by the well-known travel agency. You can ensure the best package from the right travel experts. You can obtain the best package at an affordable price. You can check the price range of the package and then make the right decision to book the package in advance. If you are interested in yoga and trekking activity, you can access the separate package for these kinds of activity.

Highlight of the yoga trip:

  • The travelers can stay at the best ashrams in Rishikesh
  • Practice the yoga in the calm and pleasant environment
  • The travelers enjoy the sightseeing tour in the national capital region
  • Utilize the holy evening prayers in har ki paudi

Highlights of the Chadar trek:

  • The visitors can locate the local Leh market
  • Take pleasure from the ride to the tilat sumdo
  • The travelers make the trek on the frozen zansari river
  • Visit the giant frozen waterfalls
  • Enjoy the sightseeing and camping in the Chadar

Popular sightseeing places in yoga trip and Chadar trek package:


It is the best place to practice yoga at the best center. From this place, you can visit the best holy destination. You can feel free to relax in the outdoor space and enjoy the leisure activity. You can enjoy fire lit evening prayers at the har ki paudi. You can visit the most famous temple like Mata Mandir and others.


You can visit the best ashrams in this place. The ashrams keep up the best yoga teachers and help you to practice the yoga in the perfect environment. You can ensure the proper yoga trip packages in Himalaya. It is considered as the perfect place for the yoga practice. It is the most popular tourist attraction in the present scenario. You can keep an eye on the picture ghats. You can attend the meditation and yoga classes. This is ideal for the mental and physical rejuvenation.


It is the great place for the travelers to enjoy the full day to the high peak. You can make the short walk to the Leh bazaar. You can travel to the tilat sumdo. From this place, you can take pleasure from the pleasant view. You can pass on the incredible sights in the Indus and Zanskar River.

Bakula bago:

You can make the trek on the famous river till you reach the destination like dib yokma. You can access the incredible trekking trail at the different places. You can visit the incredible sights and scenery. You can travel to the step rocks.

Neyrak pullu:

You can continue the trek on the frozen Zanskar River. You can access the best chadar trek packages and utilize the best trekking experience. You can learn the local lifestyle and culture of the people live in this place.

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