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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Does Calvary Houston Connects People with Christ?

Technology has blessed the human race with extraordinary ways of connecting with people no matter where they are. Social media helps people reach out to individuals who are both known and unknown. This present world loves to make new friends and socialize, but sadly people have forgotten to connect with their maker – God. Calvary Houston makes this attempt of reuniting people to the Creator – the Son of God, Jesus.

Based in Houston, Texas, this Calvary community church makes provisions for individuals to feel the presence and remember the promises of God through Jesus. Jesus agreed to leave his kingly throne in heaven and come down to earth just to fulfill God’s plan of making way for man to get salvation from the bondage of the sins of their first parents Adam and Eve.

Love For God and Love For Life- Calvary Houston Takes A Dig At It

God’s love for the humans has been surmised in the verses of the Bible which says, “For God so loved the World that He gave His only son, that whosoever believed in Him, shall never perish but have everlasting life.” By this it is meant that even though the body of the person may decay due to his earthly death yet his soul will reunite with God his Savior in heaven.

But in order to attain this privilege one has to be eligible for it, and the only way that one can become eligible for this is to remain in constant touch with God. It is this connection of an individual with God that Calvary Houston helps in establishing. This community church organizes worship services and seminars wherein the word of God (that is the verses from the Bible) is read out and reflected upon.

Songs play a very important role in these worship services conducted and help in creating an atmosphere that makes the presence of the Savior plausible. The praises of God are sung, read out and even carried out through various creative performances. The basic intent is to realize that God is extremely merciful and loving and that He does not leave His children, the humans at any point of time.

God had sent Jesus, His son for the redemption of mankind, in that way God was always present, and even when it was time for Jesus to go back to Heaven after His resurrection God did not abandon His children. Before Jesus was taken up into heaven He gave the people His Holy Spirit to be with them in every walk of life. And even to this day, the Christian church believes that the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Holy Trinity is always present with each individual guiding them through life.

The daily benediction and meditation of the word of God, keeps one away from all the negative influences of the world, and even when times are really tough and living becomes absolutely impossible, one is given the spiritual strength to fight with those situations. Thus, it is quite evident that being connected to God is much more important than being connected other fellow humans, for when the whole world walks out it is the hand of God that keeps one going.

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