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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Deck Yourself Up for the Occasion

Saree is the most beautiful asset a woman could wear on her body. It not only replenishes the look but also make the woman feel like more feminine. With the arrival of this rectangular five meters long fabric used in saree there comes an another addition to the original saree outfit which is termed as half and half saree. The nomenclature happens because of the contrasting colour of the one half of saree with the other half. No matter the elements of the saree are as same as the original draping saree but the colour combination comes in contrast and strives in duality. The popularity of these half n half sarees arises because it is one of the best Indian wear and the most wanted outfit to be worn by women on occasions like weddings, graduations and anniversary parties.

Since the saree is the item often worn by a married and an old age women, this half and half saree outfit attracts millions of young girls. It got inspired by the idea to flourish the most beautiful Indian wear that is a saree. The new trend cravers crave for this half saree outfit and it proves out to be the Indian wear trendsetter every time. Apart from the fabric cotton and silk, this half n half saree gets tracted to any of the clothing material. The reason of a non-working state of cotton and silk fabric is that they are sturdier and less malleable looms. Anyone wishing to wear the outfit to some party; the half saree style won’t work with these looms like cotton and silk. All the embroidery, motifs, pattern etc were in style since many years but the innovative idea of wearing saree with half and half styling pattern is the new witnessing saree style pattern.

Since, each and every youngster is fascinated with the bollywood Indian clothing style. Bollywood sarees are the most wanted wear that a woman would desire for. Every new trending saree style gets in fashion from the Bollywood only. This half half saree style with one half with pleats and other half with the pallu is the two-colour chosen combination which is made to contrast with. Buyers often look for the bold colours in this saree styling like Pink and green, Purple and yellow, red and black and also buyers sought after the half half saree pattern in net, faux georgette, crepe, faux chiffon etc. fabric stuff. The most important and chased for thing that comes with saree is the blouse which can be diverse and depends basically on the buyer’s choice. The maintenance of the half and half saree is no different than a usual saree rather it is as same as it is. The maintenance depends only upon the type of fabric and the amount of work done on it. If the saree is of heavy work, it should be dry cleaned whereas if the saree is worn of the simple variety it could be just washed over with the cold water.

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